Road Widening and Retrofitting Noise Barriers on Tai Po Road (Sha Tin Section)


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  • Q1: What is the main purpose of Widening of Tai Po Road (Sha Tin Section)?
    The Project is proposed to widen the existing Tai Po Road (Sha Tin Section) to meet the anticipated traffic demand.
  • Q2: Will the existing trees along Tai Po Road (Sha Tin Section) be affected by the Project?
    Some trees will be felled and/or transplanted during the construction, but we will enhance trees preservation with a view to minimising the number of trees affected.
  • Q3: Will the noise emission increase due to the Project?
    No. Noise barriers or noise semi-enclosures will be provided to mitigate the traffic noise impact in accordance with the criteria set in Environmental Impact Assessment Ordinance.
  • Q4: Will there be any measures to reduce visual impact of noise barrier?
    The visual design of noise mitigation measures was evaluated from aspects of architecture, landscape and engineering feasibility and will be in harmony with the surrounding environment.