Road Widening and Retrofitting Noise Barriers on Tai Po Road (Sha Tin Section)


Public Consultation

Public's Key Concerns & Opinions

  • Installation of noise mitigation measures to be a priority.
  • Noise barriers or noise semi-enclosures to use a subtle colour tone to prevent disturbance to drivers on road.
  • Minimise potential impact on existing bus services at the bus terminus of New Town Plaza.
  • Improve the transition of merging traffic from Sha Tin Rural Committee Road slip road to Tai Po Road southbound.
  • Maintain traffic flow during modification of the Sha Tin Rural Committee Road Interchange.
  • Minimise impact on existing cycle track during construction with careful consideration for cyclists safety.
  • Information on the proposed treatment of existing trees and plan for tree felling, transplantation and preservation to be presented to the public once available.
  • Old & Valuable Trees in the Project area are to be protected and preserved.